2:34 A.M.

It’s 2:34 a.m. 

The time just changed tonight- so I guess it’s really 3:34 a.m.

The only sounds are the crackling fire, my love’s sleeping rhythmic breath, and an owl outside making whoots… like “who who whooo who…” 

Most of the day I spent doing loads of laundry, cuddling with my pup in the sun and hiking around with her. 

Above: Blooming creosote

Jon went to visit the artist Uli Boege and bring him the mock-up of his art book… and then Jon wrote, and wrote some more. 

We had happy hour in the late afternoon sun while Suki hunted for lizards in the wood pile.

I made creamy garlic mushroom soup for dinner with toasty sourdough rolls… super tasty yum.

I grabbed a random box of what appeared to be mostly early 90’s stuff and marveled at the memories within…

Above: Manipulated Polaroid from back in the day…

Just a day. A weekend day. Nothing extraordinary. 

But it’s heaven. 
Heaven right here.


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