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So I’ve wanted this book for probably… 6 years?!

I had it in my Amazon wishlist forever- and when I finally had a bit of extra cash and went to order it, it was out-of-print and I could only order a used copy starting at like $65ish… no thank you. Priced out of my range.

Years went by… I’d check every so often- crazy expensive. Finally for our anniversary this year I checked again- a fairly reasonable price came up! I ordered it- (used from Roadkill Books)- anniversary present! When it finally arrived- I pulled it out of the padded envelope and much to my dismay the cover was completely different than the one I’d seen and desired for years and years.


Terrible cover.

My heart sank. Long story short- Jon designed me a new front cover from a photo he took out the window at the expanse of the Mojave on our anniversary road trip.


Then he designed the back with the photo of the author that he synthesized with his own. I glued it down over the terrible cover and now I can read it- complete with customized cover… and it’s way better than I even imagined!

Worth the wait.


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