Our Anniversary, Idyllwild, and Hicksville Pines

Less than an hour & a 1/2 away from the hi-desert… up and UP into the San Jacinto Mountains through the pine trees and aspens is what we’d been looking forward to- Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast! 

Here’s Jon’s FB post he put up before we left on our adventure explaining it a bit more in detail …

Purple and green and blue chalets and a big red lodge greeted us along with a super cool couple running the place- who tried speeding up our check-in and tour of the grounds so Jon could be in our 420 room by 4:20 ;)! It wasn’t really “a room” actually- it’s the top 1/2 of the blue chalet. 

Inside is shag carpet and our very own candy machine- as well the grooviest glowiest peaked roof of a “room” with black light posters and hand-painted black light murals with a sunken bed in the middle. Nice. 

The rest of the grounds included a gazebo (with disco lights that were put up for a wedding)…

…and a tepee to have a communal fire in- as well as rec room with shuffleboard and ping pong and a juke box that we blasted (couldn’t find any volume control) T.Rex songs from- fun stuff. The walls were filled with velvet paintings which we loved- the Log Lady and Cheech & Chong and John Waters…

That evening (our anniversary night) we took Suki to her first dog-friendly restaurant- “Cafe Aroma”- where they were holding a beat poetry night- totally up our alley! Suki was so good!!! We were both so proud. Like parents I guess, who are so pleased their child behaved.

Of course she wanted to sit on my lap the entire time- to get the best view of all the action happening on the stage and closer to all the smells of the food on the table… 

There were great local poets reading (or preforming) their poems- I wish I’d written down the names of our favorites- but our very fave was “the Trump guy”… watch the video! 

Back at Hicksville Pines- it’s very pretty at night! Time to enjoy the glowiness of our rooftop chalet room… the rest of the evening isn’t fit to print as they say ;)!

Breakfast is served “10-ish” which we loved- late risers that we are… and Val and Jason made us deliciousness and we sat outside and weather was so perfect we couldn’t even believe it.

Then off we go to the Idyllwild Nature Center to hike with Suki- a nice and easy trail for us low-key folks. The Manzanita trees with their deep red bark and flowers mixed with the pines were very beautiful… 

Suki was all tuckered out after hiking and ready to kick it in the chalet for a bit while we hit the town…

First we ate a fabulous meal and drank delicious margaritas…

…and then wandered around a bit and did touristy stuff- I got a pair of mukluks! I’ve always wanted mukluks- just one of those things. Jon got a book and we got (locally made) beef jerky and taffy and Amish-made kettle corn…

Back again to the chalet and Suki and hanging out and happy hour on our little balcony and watching our awesome hosts Val and Jason tour the newbies around… 😉 

We decided we were too lazy to go out again for dinner so we ordered to pick up at Fratello’s Restaurante and Pizzeria- and got the tastiest lasagna (Jon) and stuffed spinach and mushroom ravioli (me) that was ravished along with a good IPA.

Then it was time for a black light mukluk fashion show and another IPA (or two) and hangin’ around in the ambience- we took shots of our favorite posters…

Next morning we couldn’t lounge about like we wished we could of… we had to be back in the good ol’ hi-desert to deliver two of Jon’s paintings to the Beatnik Lounge for the “Do What You Want” show- and then go to a book reading and release party at Space Cowboy bookstore. 

We got some cool gifties from Val and Jason at Hicksville Pines and took some detail shots of fun stuff below… a seriously good time was had by all. 

Goodbye for now Hicksville Pines!

Somewhere Out There In The West

Introducing my debut novel, Somewhere Out There in The West – now available from Traveling Shoes Press!

It’s not quite science fiction and not quite speculative fiction. It contains elements of both genres. It’s more like metaphysical fiction…

There are Lizard people, Avenging Angels, Ancient Nagas, Illuminated Ones, Garuda, a coke dealer, a shaman, a dog named Major, the Macedonians and their spaceship, and more.

Join Billy Hero, the prophetess Shirley La Grange, Reverend T.J. Clemons and a host of characters as they explore time, space and consciousness from here to the ends of the galaxy!

If you like Kurt Vonnegut or Tom Robbins, you’ll probably enjoy my novel.

You can read an excerpt or order the book here: somewhere.travelingshoespress.com


Signed copies of “Somewhere Out There In The West” are now available at Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree!!! (see the copy on the counter?)

 Jon and Jean-Paul are discussing the book release & reading coming sometime in November- we’ll let you guys know when we have the official date!


Our friend Shad in the LBC received his copy today and sent us this pic!!! So cool! We are so grateful for the support of friends and family and book lovers that have ordered a copy- thank you so much ❤ Every book that goes out into the world is exciting to us…


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Cam’s Truckload O’ Art

I saw Cam’s Truckload O’ Art on Hwy 62 today. I was so interested in taking details that I forgot to take a photo of the whole camper. Here’s a photo of the camper from Cam’s Instagram page:

Joshua Tree

A post shared by Cam Slocum (@camslocumpersonal) on

I talked to Cam Slocum for just a moment to get permission to take photos of his camper. I wanted to talk to him longer, but he was busy in a conversation with another guy about car maintenance. I didn’t want to interrupt with a bunch of questions…






–  photos by Jon

Look Up

Walking with the ground attached to a pole by a wire, and hovering over my head…

Hi-desert power line.


– photos by Jon

Just Published – Realistic Hallucinations!

Realistic Hallucinations - Word Collages by Jon Christopher

Just Published! Realistic Hallucinations – Word Collages by Jon Christopher from Traveling Shoes Press!

During 1995 I was busy making lots of handmade books. At the same time I was also experimenting with cut-and-paste word collages. I made quite a few word collages. Some of them I wrote down and changed just a bit for clarity. I compiled them into a book called Realistic Hallucinations. I made only one handmade copy of the book.

This brand new book includes all the material from the original Realistic Hallucinations including the illustrations which were made from photocopy collages.

The poems that resulted from these word collages definitely have a stream of consciousness flow to them, often taking thoughts and ideas off into absurd directions. Ear and eye candy 🙂

I used a few of these poems as material for lyrics for my Professor Yarnhead project.

If you enjoy Jack Kerouac’s Mexico City Blues you’ll probably enjoy these word collages.

Now available on Lulu.com! only $10.99 plus shipping!

Link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/jon-christopher/realistic-hallucinations/paperback/product-22939192.html

Website with excerpt and illustration examples: http://rh.travelingshoespress.com/

We Design Books!

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