Buttons On Mane Street

This weekend we got our buttons into a neat little shop in Pioneertown!


The shop is full of handmade local arts and crafts items, jewelry, vintage cowboy clothes, etc.- it doesn’t have an official name- it’s affectionately known as the “jack ass saloon” for the moment. 😉

It’s the first shop on Mane Street on the right hand side if you’re coming from Pappy and Harriet’s.


Next time you’re in town check it out!!!


Above: Inside the shop. Buttons on the counter. Talkin’ with Christy.

To see our selection of buttons, click here.

Latest Photo – 2.2.2015


lost in the inaugural issue of…

– photo by tania

About The Desert Oracle from their website:

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source: http://www.desertoracle.com/

Latest Photo – 1.30.2015


i didn’t know the desert got this wet- i really didn’t. days of rain. crazy fog. when it rains the landscape turns from grey and pale yellow to burgundy-orange and mustard and green. so pretty.

– photo by tania

Handmade Hi-Desert 1″ Pin-Back Buttons!


Button, button, who wants a button?!!

I’ve always loved 1″ pin-back buttons! When Jon and I met both of us had our own little collections of band buttons– and at some point we decided we wanted to make buttons with our own images on them.

Jon borrowed a button machine from a friend and started creating his own graphics, sometimes using photos I’d taken. A little later Jon got his own button machine (and all the supplies) as a birthday gift from a friend.

That was over 7 years ago. We’ve been making them ever since- sometimes for ourselves to pin on jackets and backpacks and t-shirts and my purses- little expressions of the day- little souvenirs of the moment.

Some art buttons we sold on various project sites (and here).

One year we made a little Christmas tree out of buttons, and photographed it for our Christmas card, and then included a button in each card.

Now that we’ve been here a year, living in the hi-desert, and taking photos like crazy, we have begun yet another round of button making!

We’re happy to introduce our first 10 designs, with several variations of each, created from photos I’ve taken over the past year along with a few graphic images from images/stills of westerns filmed in Pioneertown that Jon has manipulated.

Maybe one or two of them will connect with you…

Get your own handmade hi-desert 1″ pin-back buttons here!