Books, Snakes and Happy Hours

8.5.17 – My novella, Somewhere Out There In The West, turned into a novel after I went on a writing spree a few weeks ago…

Just got the proof copy from the printer and it looks great. I’m so excited! It’ll be available September 21st! Of course, I’ll remind you later 🙂

Book website here:


8.9.17 – My grandmother is 105 today!!! 

Super happy joyous birthday wishes to you bonma!!! Sending you kisses and hugs from the hi-desert ❤💋🎂⭐️🌵🌞🍰❤!!!

(This is us visiting a month and 1/2 ago and getting some hand-signed copies of her memoir to bring back with us…)

Read about her memoirs here:



Now Available from Traveling Shoes Press!

Los Feliz Confidential: A Memoir by Nora Novak

LOS FELIZ CONFIDENTIAL chronicles Novak’s life from immigration to poignant childhood and teen years through her adventurous, sexy, freewheeling twenties. Follow her escapades through the glittering decadent ‘70s as she encompasses the unique culture of the era with a seductive sense of sophistication.

A rock’n’roll, art loving glamour girl, Novak will have you devouring her wry tales and asking for more.

Read an excerpt or purchase:


8.11.17 – Happy friday from the outpost!!! ❤


8.12.17 – Aaah Saturday… how I love thee!


8.13.17 – The Sunday cozies.


8.17.17 – That’s me with a king snake cruising up my arm! …learned SO much at the “Brown bag lunch lecture- Reptiles of the Mojave Desert and Rattlesnake Safety”!!! A passionate and informative lecture from the founders of the herpetological conservation organization “Cali Boys Reptile Rescue and Relocation”- as well as “Spike” a lady ranger who’d worked in the park for over 20 (or did she say 30?!) years- these people knew their stuff! Awesome. 


8.17.17 – Such a great day! After learning all about hi-desert snakes on my lunch break- I come home to this… a beautiful 4 ft. (at least!) long gopher snake stretched out across the driveway. We admired him for a long while before he’d had enough of us and dove off under a boulder. Then a BBQ on a wonderfully unusually still evening… 🙂


8.18.17 – Seeing the light at happy hour…

-At the Joshua Tree Saloon.


photos by Jon and Tania

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