Dec. 22 – The cowboy at the JT saloon is looking mighty festive tonight in his poinsettia lei!!!


Dec. 23 – My bundled-up babe outside in the cool crisp desert air taking in the last of the day’s light on Christmas Eve eve… ❤️


Dec. 24 – Hangin’ bulbs on the patio! Can’t wait ‘til it’s dark…


Dec. 24 – Christmas Eve sunset…


Dec. 24 –  Decorating the tree in 12 seconds 🙂


Dec. 24 …our new lights at night!!! 😊❤️💡


Dec. 25 ❤️ Merry Christmas from Suki!!! ❤️


Dec 25 – This year’s Christmas card.


Dec. 25 – Hope everyone’s evening is peaceful and full of contentment… love from the outpost!!!


Dec. 25 – Slow-cooker pot-roast cookin’… almost ready. Pup shagged out on the bed from much hiking around. My love playing around on his new tablet. Toasty fire burnin’… “Martinis & Mistletoes” playin’… ❤️



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