Dirt Road Etiquette

We were lucky enough to have a fabulous neighbor instruct us on the ways of the dirt roads when we first arrived here.
We live 3 miles up a dirt/sandy road and I think everyone traversing these roads needs to know the following things: (it will make things better for everyone…)
• When you are driving down a dirt road- anyone you pass by- wave to them! It doesn’t have to be a high energy wave- just an acknowledgement, like “hey- you’re on a dirt road- I’m on a dirt road- cool.” 
• If you’re not used to dirt/sandy  roads and you feel like you’re going to sink or get stuck (which we thought the first couple times we drove down the gulch) or you feel like you’re going to mess up your car’s suspension so you’re driving all slow and petrified- if someone comes up behind you who obviously doesn’t suffer from the same anxieties you do- the first chance you get- pull over and let the more experienced desert road driver pass by. You’ll feel more relaxed and so will they. And you won’t sink or get stuck… believe me. We haven’t once since we’ve lived here.
• If you have the opposite problem- and you are blazing down the dirt road as if it’s blacktop- when you drive by a house just off the road- slow the heck down! If you don’t- you will create a cloud of dust and sand that will completely engulf that person’s house. That’s just plain rude. 
• Desert visitors don’t seem to respect “private property” signs. If it says “private property” that means- someone owns it and you can’t wander around and do whatever you want. Even if it looks abandoned but has a private property sign on it- stay off. Respect the property- it’s not yours. As much as you wouldn’t want strangers wandering through your backyard. 
• If you’re on a one-way dirt road- and there is another car coming straight at you- don’t play chicken- be the cool person and be the first one to pull over the first chance you get. 
So there it is. Due to my daily experience I thought it needed to be shared- many people don’t seem to have a clue- and you wouldn’t know if someone didn’t share- right?! 
Safe travels all!!!

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