Emmy: Memoir of a Flemish Immigrant

Super-exciting news!!! My 104 year old grandmother’s memoir is hot off the press TODAY! Jon designed and published it and is honored to put this out on Traveling Shoes Press!

We’d love it if you bought her book- this is the tale of an amazing woman who lived through World War I and World War II and is still going strong…

Click on the link below to go to her website and read more about it and order the book!!! Thank you 🙂


Jon posted this on Facebook:

Today I accomplished a major goal of mine!

We published Tania’s 104 year-old grandmother Emmy’s memoir of going through World War I & II and then immigrating to the USA in the early 1950’s. She’s a great storyteller and I’ve been honored to have worked with her and her daughter Nora designing and laying out the book!

Working on projects like this is why Traveling Shoes Press exists.

Visit Emmy’s book website, read the first chapter, see photos of Emmy and then order her book! 🙂

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