I’ll Miss You Battle Bunny

You know one of the things I will miss most about the gulch? Battle Bunny.

Hands down.

She has a huge bite out of her ear. Something tried to take her down- a coyote? A bobcat? A mountain lion?

Oh my Lord I love battle bunny!!! I’ve been in love with this cottontail for over 2 years- she doesn’t run when I open the front door- she stands her ground and stares at me dead on- unafraid- confident- approving of my existence.

It’s an inner-species communication… we stare at each other in pure admiration. I am sometimes late to work because of this bunny.

This bunny rules! I want to take this bunny to our new cabin- yet I know she has her whole family here and of course I would never… but I admit- my heart literally aches thinking of not connecting with this wild sweet creature…

I appreciate you Battle Bunny. I will miss you.

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