It’s So Much Friendlier With Two


“It’s so much friendlier with two.”
– Winnie the Pooh

This quote resonated heavily with me after an unexpected eleven days of Jon having to be in the hospital. This included a week in the ICU at Loma Linda Medical Center, a 160 mile round-trip to visit him.

Between visits I was alone in our cabin with our tiny dog Suki.

“Oh, you’re way out there…” is almost everyone’s response when they first find out we live miles up Gamma Gulch Road. I usually blow it off with a “yeah, but it’s heaven there- so it’s worth it…” and it is heaven- but I felt the gravity of being “way out there” like I never had before.

I hadn’t slept a night in the cabin by myself since we moved in over three years ago. In fact during our over thirty years together- I can count on two hands the amount of nights we’ve been apart.

The second night at the cabin alone, winter storms were predicted to dump up to three feet of snow on us. I knew that often these storms cause a loss of electricity- which leaves zero ways to communicate with the world or to keep in contact with my love in the hospital.

That night our one neighbor we can see from our cabin and can call on, left for the New Year’s weekend to Palm Springs. I felt seriously isolated.

Above: View of our cabin from our neighbor’s house – photo by Kelly Ray

Inclement weather (or the threat of) can be exciting when Jon and I are together- alone, not so much. It didn’t end up snowing and the electricity didn’t go out after all… just strong winds and heavy rain. That was enough for me.

The fourth day alone I was just about to walk Suki, and I was watching a cute cottontail out the window as Suki finished her lunchtime. All of a sudden the cottontail bolted– and I was like- what just happened? And then I saw it- strolling by the cabin- a mountain lion- who then took the very same route up into the boulders that Suki and I had been hiking in the morning.

That mountain lion was so big. I felt so small. It was awe-inspiring. We’d only seen one here so far. Needless to say- Suki and I took our walk in the opposite direction of the mountain lion!

Each time I took Suki for a walk I would look at the wild beauty surrounding us- and felt almost overwhelmed- like it was too much for me to behold on my own.

Finally the day came when I got to drive Jon home from Loma Linda and up Gamma Gulch Road back to our little cabin- and everything felt right again. The wilds felt tamer. I felt ready for the up-and-coming storms. Nature wasn’t in any way threatening. Everything was back in perspective.

Living here is so much friendlier with two ❤️❤️.

Above: Home from the hospital for fifteen days! We got good news and good numbers from his blood draw today. Things are going in the right direction! Jon made celebration chocolate chip cookies to cheer with my beer- no beer for him until his home infusion antibiotics are complete on February 15th.


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