Photos From September…

9.5 – Driven by this place a hundred times… stopped for the first time today and got the best date shake EVER- so thick and so tasty and so supremely perfect!!! ❤


9.5 – Meet me at the bell tower…
– Palm Springs


9.7 – Inside the cactus blossom…


9.8 – …so this handsome guy just popped in to see me at work and show me his new specs! He hasn’t had new glasses in over 5 years so it’s a momentous occasion 😉


9.9 – Such a beautiful day. such beautiful light. Thunderstorms and sun… 💦☀️❤


9.9 – Watchin’ a bit of rainbow… the sky today- WOW.


9.12 – Beautiful little fluffy creature… ❤


9.15 – You know what i love? Friday with this guy ❤!!!

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