Places We Like

Places we like


gonzo-taco-2-800pxThere are so many cool places “off the hi-desert hwy” that you might blow by and never know what you’re passing up.

Places hiding nondescript in little strip-malls like “7 Wonders Plaza ” and “Starr Plaza”… places you’d need someone to tell you about first before you’d try it out. Some are “known” places you’ve already heard about.

We tried capturing a few of our favorites so far. We have so many places more to explore…


IMG_8391-200pxBig Morongo Canyon Preserve

How many great places are there in life we just drive past over and over again without stopping? Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is one of those places. [read more]




cs-1-3-2016-200px-2C & S Coffee Shop

C & S is a classic old-school coffee shop- an unassuming little restaurant right off the 62 that you could easily blow by without noticing it’s there- but so worth stopping at!

Comfortable and cozy with delicious food! Good vibes and friendly service- and like many places here in the hi-desert, don’t be in a rush. [read more]



Cactus Mart

“The Cactus Mart has been an iconic institution in the high desert since the late sixties. Cactus Mart has an illustrious history, it’s roots began as a western theme bar in the 50’s called the Hitching Post…” [read more]




crossroads-cafe-5-800pxCrossroads Cafe

We’ve been going to this place way before we moved here- it’s right by the entrance to the park and the first time we went we were blown away by the food- so we just keep comin’… [read more]




christ-desert-park-5-800pxDesert Christ Park

Even people who have lived in the hi-desert for years haven’t been here. It’s probably because it’s… slightly eerie for some reason. When the late afternoon light hit it improved the atmosphere some- made us want to take photos and jump off the sculptures… [read more]




“The Integratron is an acoustically perfect tabernacle sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert” – The Integratron website [read more]




yv-johns-place-4-800pxJohn’s Place

Instead of stopping at Carl’s or Del Taco or McDonald’s- stop at John’s Place. Not a drive-thru- so take a moment and go inside.

Way yummier and family owned… [read more]



IMG_9392Joshua Hookah Lounge

A Middle Eastern gem of a restaurant in the hi-desert!

The food is made by a sweet-spirited family from Jordan who have created a peaceful comfortable space to enjoy your eating experience… [read more]



jt-farmers-market-3-800pxJT Farmer’s Market

Love the Farmer’s Market. It may be small- but it is mighty. Local produce and organic stuff and fresh eggs and handmade jewelry and everything you’d hope to find and more… [read more]





Joshua Tree Saloon

It’s always fun when we’re in JT to spontaneously decide on stopping in at the Saloon… good mellow vibes- a mix of locals and visitors… for some reason I always feel like I’m on vacation when we’re there even when we’re not. [read more]



kasa-1-800pxKasa Market

Hidden within this market is an AMAZING taqueria stand- tucked in the back- with the most delicious carne asada we’ve come across. The chili relleno burritos rock my world. I get one at LEAST once a week…. [read more]



La Palapa Restaurant

Best fish tacos in the hi-desert! We’d been missing fish tacos since we left LB- but now that void is filled. Order a fish “super taco” and you will not be disappointed. Fresh and delicious and huge! [read more]



las-palmas-6-800pxLas Palmas Restaurant

THE place for $3.50 happy hour margarita’s! (Monday- Thursday 4pm-6pm). Not to mention a great place to mellow down- enjoy the ambiance and the salsa and chips… [read more]




noah-purifoy-7-800pxNoah Purifoy

“Noah Purifoy’s Outdoor Desert Art Museum consists of 7.5 acres of open land displaying Purifoy’s assemblage sculptures, created between 1989 and 2004. The works themselves are great – as is the decay due to the harsh elements of their desert setting…” [read more]



pappys-19-800pxPappy and Harriet’s

The world-famous Pappy and Harriet’s Pioneertown Palace is probably the best hi-desert bar to listen to music and have a burger and beer anywhere. The burgers and steaks and fish are cooked on an outdoor grill with mesquite wood, the beers are served in mason jars and the musical acoustics are superb… [read more]



pie-for-the-people2-800pxPie For The People

Best pizza in the hi-desert. Hands down.

There is a secret on-line menu you definitely need to be aware of- Jon’s favorite is the Tom Petty… [read more]



star-market-2-800pxSam’s Market

Worried about where to find some really good beer before heading into the national park?

Look no further.

[read more]



yv-swap-meet-5-800pxSky Village Swap Meet

This is the epitome of hi-desert wonderment. It’s a world unto itself. Wandering and finding unexpected treasures- eating breakfast at the little restaurant and gazing into the owner and creator of the swap meet (Bob Carr’s) crystal cave… [read more]



the-palms-4-800pxThe Palms Restaurant

This is a special place. We’d always wanted to go to the Palms Restaurant since we’d heard about it- the Sibley’s place… [read more]





Willie Boy’s Saloon and Dance Hall

“Have a seat anywhere!” said the friendly cute punkish bartender/waitress girl from across the dark cavernous space filled with long empty tables, a lonely stage, and mechanical bull.

We felt like we stepped into a Twin Peaks episode at first.  Brothel meets the old west. [read more]



Wonder-Valley-Giant2Wonder Valley

“No one is quite sure when the vast arid landscape east of Twentynine Palms, California first became known as Wonder Valley, or even exactly why it was named such…” [read more]