Morongo Valley

Morongo Valley


IMG_8391-200pxBig Morongo Canyon Preserve

How many great places are there in life we just drive past over and over again without stopping? Big Morongo Canyon Preserve is one of those places. [read more]





Cactus Mart

“The Cactus Mart has been an iconic institution in the high desert since the late sixties. Cactus Mart has an illustrious history, it’s roots began as a western theme bar in the 50’s called the Hitching Post…” [read more]




Willie Boy’s Saloon and Dance Hall

“Have a seat anywhere!” said the friendly cute punkish bartender/waitress girl from across the dark cavernous space filled with long empty tables, a lonely stage, and mechanical bull.

We felt like we stepped into a Twin Peaks episode at first. Brothel meets the old west. [read more]