The Palms Restaurant

The Palms Restaurant


the-palms-3-800pxThis is a special place. We’d always wanted to go to the Palms Restaurant since we’d heard about it- the Sibley’s place.

The first time we visited was when we were still living in Long Beach. We had gone on a big roundabout road trip to New Mexico (October 2013) and we were on our way back – we’d seen and stayed in so many places over the previous two weeks… the last leg of our adventure was coming through Wonder Valley and across the Mojave desert to LB. We pulled up to The Palms, went inside, ordered a beer and settled in- and didn’t want to leave- ever. Unexpected. We felt like we were “home.”

I had the most delicious grilled cheese sandwich on thick toasty buttery bread and Jon had a most excellent cheese burger – Laura Sibley herself brought out our food. A chihuahua joined us- people were playing pool- people were hanging out at the bar that obviously made The Palms their home away from home- it was so chill and so comfortable that we just wanted to stay. We bought a Sibley’s CD that we haven’t stopped playing since.

Little did we know that that very night I would discover the little desert cabin that we live in now on Craigslist- and that a month and half later we’d have moved (after 23 years in Long Beach) to the Mojave desert.

83131 Amboy Rd
Twentynine Palms, CA 92277

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  1. Sheri Pasterick

    Guys. Wow. I so admire what you’ve done with your website and also the fact that you chronicle your lives together. What you’ve done here is such a rarity and a unique and wonderful thing. Kudos to your both. Again, WOW!!

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