Wonder Valley

Wonder Valley



Above: “Wonder Valley Giant” – Drawing on map by Jon

NO ONE IS QUITE SURE when the vast arid landscape east of Twentynine Palms, California first became known as Wonder Valley, or even exactly why it was named such. Interviews and textual evidence suggest that the origins of the community’s name perhaps lie with Mr. Schooler, a retired Marine and one of the first residents of the area. It is said by some that his description for the area in the late 1950s of “what a wonder of a valley” gained popularity and over time was shortened to “wonder valley”. During this time the area experienced rapid population growth, and residents began to think of themselves as living in a defined place, a community enclave, within desert space. Somehow, this internal cohesiveness and a feeling of being separate from neighboring Twentynine Palms in association with Schooler’s aphorism led some anonymous individuals in the early 1960s to place a sign, “Welcome to Wonder Valley,” on Adobe Road at the eastern city limits of Twentynine Palms. – Jacob Sowers: Wonder Valley: Place and Paradox

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