Rattlesnake Season

So rattlesnake season is upon us. And from what we’ve been told, this year there are a lot of rattlesnakes out – a bumper crop of rattlesnakes. As the temperatures during the days are starting to hit the 80’s, we are now practicing “rattlesnake awareness” whenever we head outside.


Above: Smackin’ the bushes around…

It makes me a bit sad- because my pup Suki and Moseley now have to be restricted to certain areas that we have to pre-navigate. We survey the area with a long stick hitting all the black brush and scrub oak and cat claw bushes throughout the area that Suki especially loves to run around and dive into chasing lizards- BEFORE she comes out. Check around the boulders. Keep it safe.


Above: Pokin’ around the boulders…


Above: Makin’ sure…


Above: …and she’s off!!!

I love the warmer weather- but wow does it make me appreciate the free and easy cool winter months… letting the pups run off-leash without worry. Well, except for the coyotes. Ah desert livin’!!! πŸ˜‰

Rattlesnake Information


Above: Red Diamond Rattlesnake – We had one of these rattlesnakes living near our driveway gate last year – Photo by Gary Nafis

You can find out a wealth of information about the rattlesnakes in California from CaliforniaHerps.com: http://www.californiaherps.com/identification/snakesid/rattlesnakes.html

And from the same website, here’s a great information page about living with rattlesnakes: http://www.californiaherps.com/info/rattlesnakeinfo.html

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