Saturday at the Outpost

I woke up this morning and it felt like vacation. Something in the air. We both noticed it. It was warm and slightly breezy and smelled like the desert. Not a particular smell… just the kind of smell that you’d wake up to when you unzipped your tent and walked around your campsite with your pups, marveling at the fact that you weren’t in the city anymore.

You’d light your camp stove to boil water to make coffee and realize you didn’t have to go anywhere- you were already there. Your goals for the day were… kick back, enjoy the views, make some food,  take a hike, take some photos… point out the desert creatures you see to each other… drink a beer in the middle of the day just because you can, maybe read or write something, take a nap… 

Yep. Exactly. Saturday at the Outpost. We just happen to have a cabin instead of a tent,  and all of our stuff with us… and we don’t have to drive home at the end of the weekend- we’re already there.

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