Somewhere Out There In The West

Introducing my debut novel, Somewhere Out There in The West – now available from Traveling Shoes Press!

It’s not quite science fiction and not quite speculative fiction. It contains elements of both genres. It’s more like metaphysical fiction…

There are Lizard people, Avenging Angels, Ancient Nagas, Illuminated Ones, Garuda, a coke dealer, a shaman, a dog named Major, the Macedonians and their spaceship, and more.

Join Billy Hero, the prophetess Shirley La Grange, Reverend T.J. Clemons and a host of characters as they explore time, space and consciousness from here to the ends of the galaxy!

If you like Kurt Vonnegut or Tom Robbins, you’ll probably enjoy my novel.

You can read an excerpt or order the book here:


Signed copies of “Somewhere Out There In The West” are now available at Space Cowboy Books in Joshua Tree!!! (see the copy on the counter?)

 Jon and Jean-Paul are discussing the book release & reading coming sometime in November- we’ll let you guys know when we have the official date!


Our friend Shad in the LBC received his copy today and sent us this pic!!! So cool! We are so grateful for the support of friends and family and book lovers that have ordered a copy- thank you so much ❤ Every book that goes out into the world is exciting to us…


Tania’s Public Service Announcement!
If you’re buying this guy’s book today- and you already purchased it- bless you my friend!!! If you haven’t yet- please order from as opposed to Amazon. Amazon gives the writer approximately .40/book and Lulu gives the writer approx. $4/book. BIG difference!!! just sayin’… and either way- you guys are awesome!!! here’s a direct link!
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