Into The New Year…

Dec. 26 – I’ve never had a jewelry box. I’ve always wanted one. For years. I’ve had my bracelets in one tiny box… my rings in another… my necklaces in a ziplock… etc.- so during this Christmasy season when I wasn’t looking for anything for me- I came across this- an antique italian piece and I was like- there it IS! My jewelry box. The one. Merry Christmas to me!


Dec. 27 – This year’s new ornament. Hand-painted Joshua Tree on a wooden heart. ❤️


Dec. 28 …so we chose the day exactly between Christmas and my dad’s birthday to celebrate both- and that day was today! So much fun. Love my fam so very much… ❤️😍💋


Dec. 29 – Jon hangin’ with John the most excellent handyman today as he makes us a temporary door for one side of our wood burner- we had a blow-out last night… the one glass door just suddenly shattered late night and freaked us the heck out- I guess the embers that had fallen against the door were too hot… now we know- don’t let the embers touch the glass!


Dec. 30 – Hello moon 🙂


Dec. 31 – Bbqin’ and happy hourin’… 😊 happy New Year’s Eve!!!


Dec. 31-Jan. 1 – New Year’s Eve. I’m so appreciating every single second with this guy… last year this was Jon’s second night in the hospital in Med-surg with pneumonia and the mystery abscess in his lung (this was his 2nd night of 11) and I stayed as late as I could with him at the hospital but there was threats of a snow storm… and I didn’t want to get stuck somewhere away from our cabin at Gamma Gulch with little Suki home all by herself. It was a sad night. Suki and I built a fire and hung out wishing our Jon was with us. Jon tried talking a nurse into a sip of champagne at midnight to no avail… it was the first New Year’s Eve we’d been apart in 30 years.

… so here we are now- I bought TWO bottles just to make sure we were covered! 😜🥂❤️


Jan. 1 – Peace and love from the Outpost on this New Year’s Day!!!


Jan. 1 – Today I took the longest walk ever yet with my desert pup. I listened to the wind and tried to understand what it was saying. I stacked wood. I appreciated the moody clouds and  light of new year’s day. I sipped on a beer and just dug the moment. Jon  read out loud to me for hours. We lit a fire and are hanging by it now. I am so proud of my love for designing and publishing five amazing books this last year- and we moved from the amazing Gamma Gulch to the even more amazing Outpost! I enjoyed hanging out with both my family and our friends this year… and I love where I work. Speaking of work- I guess I have to go to work tomorrow…  but I have to say I had the BEST Christmas vacation- and the best New Year’s Day- and I hope you did too ❤️!