I am sitting in the sun absorbing the warmth on the boulders. The shift has come. The shift from moving out of the sun, to into the sun. All of us hi-desert folk are reveling in this perfect moment. We talk about it on break at work outside, and we talk about it with friends and neighbors.

The swamp coolers are off, windows and screen doors are wide open… it’s not too hot and it’s not too cold. Gone are the months of living in nothing but yoga pants, flip flops and a t-shirt. We add a layer to our outfits. We feel strange with pants that hit our ankles.

We marvel that the breeze has a hint of cool in it. We scrutinize last years tiny pile of leftover firewood and contemplate if it’s too early to get a cord delivered. We take our dogs on extra long walks.

This middle ground doesn’t last too long. So we revel in this glorious slice of perfect weather goodness, hoping it will last for as long as possible…