This Week – One. Two. Three years in…

I took the day off to enjoy the fact that we’ve lived here at casa de gamma for 3 years TODAY!!!

I went to write about it… to kind of sum up our experience here so far- and realized I already had. “One. Two. Three years in…” (written a couple months ago) summed it all up. It says exactly what I want to say- so here it is!

The first year we moved to the hi-desert was like a rookie year. Everything we did and saw and experienced was brand new. For months we just couldn’t get over the fact that we had really done it, made the move. Every week was full of never-before-seen mind blowing beauty. We just couldn’t get over the silence, the sunrises and sunsets, the stars at night, the way the light hit the boulders at different times of the day, and the numerous desert critters we got to meet.


The second year was much like our first, but now the sandy 3 mile road to and from home had worn out our car’s suspension, which got replaced, along with new tires all around. You-haul water went from being a novelty to a bit of a burden after numerous times of getting caught off-guard by a near empty tank on a non-water delivery day.


A 50 mile round trip to do laundry at the JT laundromat went from being a weekly occurrence to putting it off as long as we can.


Then there was a wildfire that came close enough for us to have to do a mandatory evacuation. We realized living smack dab in the middle of absolute wilderness has it’s down-side.


Pappy and Harriet’s became the normal local hang-out as opposed to “WOW we’re going to Pappy and Harriet’s!”


The wild strangeness of the desert has become a bit more domesticated. Until a flash flood turns our road into a literal river, or a bobcat strolls past the front window, or our dog walk in interrupted by a huge rattlesnake stretched across the road, that is. Or until the vibrancy of a double rainbow leaves you speechless- or the eerie howl and cackling of a pack of coyotes stops you in your tracks.


The third year here has us wondering where else we could live in the hi-desert. We rent here now, but it would be nice to own a home with at least 5 acres of land. We love the place we live, the owner is a cool lady- so we are in no hurry to leave, but we do want to own a piece of the desert for ourselves someday. Unfortunately we can’t afford to buy where we currently live- but we are blessed with this now and are appreciating every instant of it for as long as we can.


I still can’t seem get over the mind blowing sense of “wow, we really live here – we aren’t just staying at an Airbnb and now we have to go home…” I think it’s because I dreamed about this for so long. The magic of the hi-desert and this particular place amazes me on a daily basis, and never once have either of us doubted that this was one of the best decisions we ever made.

It’s funny- because I’ll be grocery shopping and I will see couples or groups of friends all excited buying bundles of wood and picking out food for their stay at the park or at a house rental and I’ll think- I remember that. But wow- we’re full-timers. We live here- and have for almost 3 years. What a trip! We’re really part of this. I watch them load things from the shopping cart to their RV and stand for a moment in the heat by my car, look around, breathe it in, and realize- the rookie season really is over.

…and that’s an awesome thing. We’re here for the long-run.


Originally posted on Oct 11, 2016.

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