This Week – Snow in the hi-desert!


The El Niño storm we’d heard so much about began 4 days ago.

Long story short- much perilous driving took place (from home to work and work to home) on roads that had turned into rivers of mud and debris sweeping into washes, etc.

When I pulled up to our little cabin all aglow on Wednesday the pouring rain had turned to snow and I was home sweet home and it was beautiful.

And then it stopped. We were disappointed.

IMG_8158Jon woke me at like 4:30 a.m. the next morning and opened the curtains to our deck and turned the outside light on and we watched it snow and snow…

Jon put on coffee and we watched the glow of sunrise slowly light up our surroundings. We were blown away.

The last time it snowed (our first time last December) it came along with a fierce wind- so the Joshua Trees and the Pinyon Pines and Blackbush and Scrub Oak did not retain much snow. That morning it was covering everything. Thickly. Beautifully.


We quickly prepared and inhaled a breakfast of hash browns and over-easy eggs and slipped into cozy-wear and took off out into the winter wonderland.

The snow was way deeper than we’d imagined and I realized “there’s no WAY I’m driving in this… I wouldn’t even know how.” I texted in a “snow day.” There began a most fun day with my love and my pups- marveling the entire time at how blessed we are to be right here. Right. Here.









What a super-fun day!

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