Three Months At The Outpost!

So we’ve lived here at the outpost three months today! I never imagined I could- or would- love anywhere more than the Gulch… but I do. (We do!)
The Gulch was a dream that became a reality for us. It took that little cabin surrounded by those boulders to pull us out of LB and into the hi-desert. When I think about it now I think- “we were so brave!” I am so happy we made the jump and didn’t chicken out at the last minute. 
We’ve only fallen more in love with the hi-desert with every passing day since our U-haul rolled on down that 3 mile long sandy road into the heart of the Gulch… 
The Outpost. I also never imagined that we’d live somewhere with fewer people passing by than the Gulch! We do not cross paths with anyone here… like, no one. Like, ever. 
We now have a view that I marvel at basically every waking moment I am here- my eyes are constantly feasting on the expanse stretched out before us… the morning sunrise breaking across the horizon and the light shifting throughout the day across the desert landscape… then the fading light of late afternoon and the shadow that creeps across the valley and then the highway, and across into Joshua Tree and finally over the mountains. Then the twinkling of lights begins to appear- we can see Highway 62 winding all the way to Twentynine Palms.
We had 3 1/2 years of being surrounded by immense boulders- it was amazing… but this is what our eyes need to see now. What our souls need- expanse.
It’s hotter here at the outpost… probably at least 5 degrees warmer than the Gulch- but we’re about 1000 feet lower, so it makes sense. 
The space. We are in love with the space we exist in, inside this cabin! It’s… perfect. A big, open space for us to create in, hang out in, contemplate and collaborate in… and invite people over to enjoy with us. It’s all windows and view- no curtains needed. 
We tripped out when we moved here how each item found it’s place to be. Everything fit perfectly.
The critters. I thought the Gulch had a lot of critters! We have all the same critters as there, (minus the mountain lions- which I don’t mind leaving behind) plus the two tortoises we’ve had visit! We’d never seen a tortoise in the wild before coming here. We have way more roadrunners- and they are very curious about us. If Suki didn’t bark at them- one, in particular, would come on in the cabin and hang out, we’re sure of it. 
Speaking of Suki- she loves it here. I think she’s energized by it. She’s like a 10-year-old puppy. We’ve only had one negative incident with a big beavertail cactus (see above) that she leaped into head first after a lizard- and ended up with a nose full of tiny almost microscopic stickers… (which weren’t fun to try and remove) as well as itty-bitty spikes sprinkled throughout her fur. Jon and I ended up with those little bastard stickers stuck in our palms and fingers. Oy! Needless to say- we have a small makeshift fence around that beavertail now. Other than that- she is thoroughly entertained by the environment she finds herself in. 
We’re surrounded by Creosote bushes and Junipers, Chollas and Joshua trees, Yuccas… we have Datura and a Palo Verde tree- and so many more growing things I’d have to go for another couple of paragraphs- but I won’t. 
One of the very best things is the covered patio… we had no shade at the Gulch. The sun can blaze, or the rain can fall, and we can be outside- gazing off past the “two margarita fence” (a tale for another time) into the desert, content and inspired.
Here is Jon (below) extolling the virtues of a covered patio.
Did I mention we are actually closer to Pappy and Harriet’s now? It used to take us 19 minutes from the Gulch, and now it takes us 13 minutes! 
We’ve had three months of feeling so grateful and blown away to be here at the Outpost- and appreciating every single moment of it… and we know, this is just the beginning :)!

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