Weather Report From the Outpost

My love woke me up yesterday morning by saying “look at the fog…” and then drifted right back to sleep. I opened my eyes towards the picture window. It was all white. Usually we have a view. I got up and threw cozy stuff on and went outside to take a pano… it was raining and we were boxed in with fog. We’d never seen that before here at the Outpost. Usually we could see past Joshua Tree clear down the 62 all the way to Twentynine Palms.

The creosote smell was thick and heavy and delicious. I went back in but I couldn’t go back to sleep- it was too unusual. Too beautiful. I lit a fire in the woodburner and snuggled with our pup. I put coffee on. 

The rain hesitated and the fog slowly pulled back and I could see the familiar highway below. The sun tried to break through for a moment and put up a good fight for about 15 minutes. The sunlight illuminated every drop of rain clinging to all the desert plants like tiny crystals.

Then low dark ominous clouds started moving in stealthily and laid thickly over the valley and it started to rain again. The clouds were moving dramatically but they didn’t seem to know where they were going… I watched them for a long while- my hands wrapped around my coffee mug for warmth.

The wind finally started to whip up- we’d been hearing about the wind warning for days. The rain hesitated again and I decided to quickly take our pup for an early walk. I could see a wall of the thickest darkest storm clouds yet rolling in and headed towards us. 

Outside wind-blown Suki unexpectedly turned into a turbo pup and turbo’d high speed around the cabin three times without stopping- so cute- her back legs were almost ahead of her front legs. I was running after her in Jon’s big parka and hood just laughing and trying to keep up which was impossible. She turbo’d up into the hills and I called out so she’d wait for me- I didn’t want her to bump into any roaming wet and hungry coyotes.

I have the habit of calling Suki a pup- but really she’s 11 years old. I haven’t seen her turbo like that in at least three years or so. We got back inside just in time for the real storm to began.

The clouds were becoming less interesting now- just solid grey. A steady heavy rain blew past our big picture window in windy waves. Jon was awake now and I showed him the photos I took earlier when the fog and clouds and landscape were distinct. It felt cozy inside. The Outpost weathers storms well.

The rain eventually got lighter and lighter and the desert sun successfully broke through. A low arching and very brief rainbow appeared… followed by the clearest crisp air you could imagine. You could see for at least 30 miles down the highway and beyond.

What a nice change it was from the usual desert dry. I looked back out the picture window and thought- I hope you drank deeply hi-desert… while you had the chance. There are rumors of more rain headed our way- we shall see…


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